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RIP Baatin from Slum Village 1974-2009

Slum Village forever

MP3: Baatin - Girl


VIDEO: Hardcore Gentlemen - Hardcore Gentlemen


HARDCORE GENTLEMEN is a early-mid 1990s rap group consisting of group members RAPZ KAOTIC, REEFER SUTHERLAND and KILLAH SILK. The group was based in Brooklynati, USA and saw great success with their classic and only single "HARDCORE GENTLEMEN" (DJ Jurx Records, 1994). Unfortunately, after selling a platinum single and a gold album (RUGGED & SMOOTH, DJ Jurx Records, 1994) their follow-up single, "BRUSH YA TEEF WIT IT" fell on deaf ears and led to the group's destiny of being one-hit-wonders.

Immediately following the release of their hit-single "HARDCORE GENTLEMEN" and in promotion of their debut LP, Hardcore Gentlemen toured the United States and parts of Canada, but ended the tour abruptly when group member KILLAH SILK was slapped with 14 paternity suits from 13 different women. A State Court jury ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and the rap group was forced to return home and try to maintain their momentum doing local gigs in Brooklynati. After the lack of success surrounding their touring efforts, the group faded into obscurity and is remembered only for their successful, self-titled single. They are regularly revisited on countless "Where Are They Now?" television shows profiling hip-hop acts.

So where are they now? In May of 2009, Hardcore Gentlemen attempted to do a 15-year anniversary show celebrating their classic and only single. The plan was to headline a show at Humphrey Lefty's (a concert hall in their own hometown) and to perform their hit 15 times in a row. Tragically, during the 5th performance of "Hardcore Gentlemen" the group became entangled in a fight on stage, resulting in a drawn firearm by one of their hypemen. Shots were fired, and while nobody was killed, two of the group's three members (RAPZ KAOTIC and REEFER SUTHERLAND) were arrested and are currently facing charges for concealing a weapon and endangering minors.


DOWNLOAD: Just Plain Ant - The New Black



MP3: Flavor Flav - I'll Never Let You Go

No description necessary. SMH.

Listen... I guess...


DOWNLOAD: NetBloc Vol. 23: We Invented The Compilation!

Of course we didn’t invent the compilation! Duh! No really! We didn’t… seriously! Why do you doubt me? Even though we didn’t invent them it doesn’t mean we didn’t perfect them… so here’s another perfect compilation for your soul to absorb via your ear canals. A collection of 11 tracks plus one sampler. That’s two bonus tracks on top of the standard 10 track line-up! Whoa! Crazy! I loved the Jay Slim release so much that I simply couldn’t contain myself to only one track. Then Just Plain Ant released the sampler of his upcoming release “The New Black” and I felt that it’d be a perfect addition to the line-up. In fact, I wish other labels/artists released samplers like this. I’d love to feature one with every netBloc release. Consider this an invitation to any of you who may be working on some music and want to begin promoting it early, send us a sampler and it’ll be considered for a future netBloc release. 1 track, no longer than 15 minutes and only send wav, flac or aiff files along with any info you'd like mentioned about the upcoming release. Send files to us via services such as or you can use our contact form to let us know you'd like to send us something and we can set you up with an ftp account to upload directly to the blocSonic server.

So what sounds can you expect this time around? Industrial, electro-pop, electro-funk, hip-hop, punk, rock, pop-rock and indie-pop from France, Germany, Italy, the UK and the US. Our netBloc releases are always an eclectic, international affair and this time is no different. By the way, if you’re a Boo Radleys fan, you might like to know that one of the featured artists is none other than Martin Carr. Check out his fantastic track “Why You Gotta Bring Me All This Rain?”. Check out the fatty 79 page PDF for details.

Thanks again to all participants and to all of you for checking out netBloc Vol. 23: We Invented The Compilation! Each and every one of you rock! Remember… share this! Give it to friends, enemies and strangers alike! Tell them how much netaudio rocks! When you’re done doing that, be ready… later this month on Tuesday, July 28th is the release of blocSonic’s second original release featuring one of our newest artists, the UK’s Formula and his “The Overcast Project”. A fresh release with complete production from him and featuring artists from the US, UK, Canada & Jamaica. The LP features artists signed to independent labels (LDZ - Dented records), major labels (Aynzli Jones - Mercury) and an unsigned MC called Isayu (from the Bay in Oakland). Then… on Tuesday, August 25th we keep the hip-hop flowing with our third original release by another of our newest artists Luck & Ripp and their “The Catastrophic Connection”. The short song structure, Luck’s intricate flow, Ripp’s deep, creative lyricism and UhOh’s simple loops and boom-bap drum style make the album seem like a bumrush with a softer side. From being “awoke to the ways of the world” to reminiscing on your childhood, this project covers all the bases. So keep your ear to the ground… blocSonic is rumbling on…


Mike Gregoire


NetBloc, Vol. 23: We Invented The Compilation


5-Second Reviews: 07-01-09


He scared the shit outta me w/ that "Chillin'" shit, but this mixtape shows that he's the same Wale that did "The Mixtape About Nothing". Solid effort



New music from the producer of the Kanye West/Beach Boys mash-up. Straight-forward hip-hop with a polished, cinematic feel to it.



Great songs and instrumentation, but by the time i had just gotten really into it, it ended. And now I'm gonna have to wait another year+ for the next part. Wack



DOWNLOAD: Junior Wong - The Spaceman Chronicles

Another beat release from Just Plain Sounds. Pure dopeness.

1. Coming of Age
2. Moon Money
3. Keep Your Worries
4. Stereolab Joint
5. Chess Club
6. Bush Bread
7. Goin' Places
8. Sky High
9. Donny and Roberta
10. Fly Slow
11. Come Live
12. Bedward's Church
13. Space... Cont'd

Junior Wong - The Spaceman Chronicles


DOWNLOAD: Oh.Bliv x JustPlainAnt - Black Soap

1. Kugichagalia
2. Off
3. They Belong To Me
4. 'Cuz I Need It
5. How You Want It, Pt. 2
6. Scavengers

Just Plain Ant
7. Too Thymez
8. Nothing Nothing
9. Don't Talk About It
10. Back To Here
11. Reachin'
12. Dean & The Casino Rhinocerous

Oh.Bliv x Just Plain Ant - Black Soap


DOWNLOAD: Wale x 9th Wonder - Back To The Feature

Via Blind I For The Kids

Wale and 9th Wonder return with a new mixtape, Back To The Feature, featuring Currensy, Tre, Young Chris, Freeway, Beenie Sigel, Lady Gaga, Joe Budden, Skyzoo, Talib Kweli, Joell Ortiz, UCB, Peedi Peedi, Black Thought, Tu Phace, Big Sean, Ken Starr, Mike Posner, Daniel Merriweather, Torae, Kingpin Slim, Duffy, Memphis Bleek, J. Colem, Jean Grae, Royce Da 5′9, Bun B, Dre (of Cool & Dre), Peter, Bjorn & John, K’naan, and Yael Naim. He didn’t lie about the features…geez! Partake.

Download Here!