Itchin' for This One

November 4th. Can't wait.

Flying Lotus - Fall In Love Remix (J. Dilla Tribute)

waaay 2 dope


Just Playin!

I'm not titling the album for a while. It could be Dig Deep. It could be something else. I really don't know as of now

Oh yea, and I know I'm late on the single. It's called "Still Dreamin'" and it features Precise. You'll be seein' it soon. I can't say when, but soon.


"It was gettin' wicked and shit"




Sleaze - Ketchup Packets

Go to to peep my man, Sleaze's beat cd. It's a free beat cd for all the emcees, singers, and artists out there. You can even just vibe to it if you choose to. Whatever you choose to do with it, just peep it.


PLEASEEEE check it out

Phonte and DJ Brainchild have a fantastic podcast. I'm bored at work and decided to use the hr and a 1/2 i have to kill listening to it. Doing so, I realized everybody should.

Gordon Gartrell Radio

The Birth Control Episode is hilarious yet has very good advice.

Don't act like I ain't never gave you nuthin.


Special thanks to Count Bass D for this free gift.

Count Bass D - Robbed Without A Pistol
1. 95 Chop
2. No More Arguing
3. Sunshine
4. Get Busy (Instrumental)
5. You’re Better Than All The Rest
6. Fly Thyme
7. Hurry
8. Welcome To The Spot
9. Gerald And Sean
10. I’m Still Paranoid
11. Down To Get It
12. Believe Me
13. All Shook Up
14. J.P. Organ
15. I’ll Always Stay
16. I Don’t Need This
Count Bass D - Robbed Without A Pistol

Count Bass D's Official Website
Count Bass D's Myspace

For those of you that watched The White Rapper Show

I know you remember John Brown, King of the Burbs. You may also wonder why this dude even exists.

It gets worse... SMH...

John Brown - Sarah Palin (I Wanna Lay Pipe)


Before I NyQuil my sick ass to sleep

Sly and The Family Stone - Skin I'm In

I don't know about you, but I'm ready

DOWNLOAD THE FIRST SINGLE: Black Milk - Give Tha Drummer Sum


Really now?!


You ain't never heard me say...

that the south killed hip-hop. I'm scared that if I do, Alfamega'll come after me. This nigga's like the rap boogie man. I don't ever want him to pop up in a nightmare of mine.

My joint right now.

If you're not up on Blu and Exile, get up.

Dancing In The Rain


C'mon, Count Bass D! Bring the L7

Ok, so when you ask people what their most anticipated album of the 4th quarter is. They'll say something like Common, Kanye, T.I., Jay-Z, yadda yadda ya. Nahhhhh. Mine is L7 by Count Bass D, and I've been waitin' for it since like June. I get impatient. Everytime I listen to Neon Soul, I get antsy, because the shit hasn't dropped yet. Count Bass D, if somehow you read this, just know you got me anticipatin your album more than pretty much any other joint this fall.

If y'all haven't checked out his other stuff, Google him or go to Also, peep the new single

Neon Soul: Download Here!!!

Peace, Ant

Edit: I just found out from that L7 will be available on October 7. Nice.


Common feat. Pharrell - The Eye (Live)

Damn, I can't wait for this album


Dig Deep

First of all, another major thanks to all those that downloaded "Fly". I've been hearin' nothing but good things about it, and that's a beautiful thing, because I worked mad hard on it.

Speaking of hard work, more is to come soon, including Precise's solo album Why Try?, Elijah's Bonus Life 9606, and Brad Oblivion's debut solo EP, Due Season. I'm very excited about those projects, but the most excitement comes from another project. That would be the follow-up to Fly, which is titled Dig Deep. (No offense to EENJ and Brad O., but this shit is beyond just exciting to me).

It may seem soon, but like my man Brad O. always says, you're only good as the latest shit you put out. Right now, I only have 2 completed songs for it (the title track featuring and co-produced by Alex Murphy and "Can't Say Goodbye" featuring Elijah of EENJ). It's gonna be a mix between hip-hop and downtempo music. I've constantly been tellin myself that I wanna do something different with my music. Fly was such a dark and most of the times, hard to swallow album, that I decided that I would make a lighter, more mellow album that'll ease your mind. Then as I started it, all of these really dark things happened that caused me to dig deep within myself and think about all the different emotions that one can go through. It's gonna be really moody so be ready. As of now, I'm not spittin' verses on it, but you'll be able to feel how I feel. I don't have many more details about the album right now, but I just couldn't wait to tell someone. Congratulations. You're that person.

New track from the album coming within the next week.